D&R Canal Watch Gifts to the D&R Canal State Park
Over the years the Canal Watch has donated the following items to the park:

Website development
Picnic tables (6)
Training workshops: Hazardous Tree Identification and introduction to Small Engine Repair
Inflatable movie screen
High-definition projector
Bicycle rack
Computer and software
Water-testing kit
Semi-annual membership in Meetup
Folding tables and chairs for Bulls Island
Printer supplies
Towpath clean-up
Benches along the towpath
Repair of Griggstown canoe dock
Financial support for the canal locktender and bridgetender homes exhibit
Financial support for signage at spillways, locks, etc.
Two gas tanks for park trucks to resupply mowers
Repair of Griggstown bridgetender’s station
Repair of and foundation for East Millstone outhouse
Flood clean-up numerous times at Zarephath, East Millstone, and Griggstown
Cleaning of the mule tender’s barracks numerous times
Running hikes, bike rides and other activities in the park
Security boards and painting at the Carnegie Road bridgetender’s home
Maintenance of shutters on the East Millstone bridgetender’s home
Emergency paint to cover graffiti at the East Millstone bridgetender’s house and the Mule Tenders Barracks